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Jardan Flagship Store


  • 522 Church St Richmond, VIC


  • Masson For Light, was commissioned by Jardan to supply all light fittings and to complete lighting calculations & design for the new flagship store in Church St Richmond.  A perfect fit, two Australian owned companies working together to illuminate beautiful Australian designed & made products.
  • The client brief for the two story space was to provide a homely welcoming atmosphere while making the display of the products center stage. Energy efficiency was also a critical factor in the brief to keep in line with the Jardan carbon neutral foot print. Spotlights with high colour rendering for accent lighting gave depth and contrast combined with downlights also used for general lighting for circulation zones.
  • The lighting supports various functional zones for product display, work space and common areas. Masson achieved a very credible result using only 3.63 W/m² at an average of 700 Lux, utilizing the very latest LED light engines from Europe.
  • Lighting Design:
  • Richard Skelton


  • Nordic Zylinder 8
  • with high colour rendering.
  • 900 lumen with medium flood
  • with antiglare covers.
  • MTR90 with the MLX 10.w.
  • 1000 Lumen COB LED.