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Fitness First


Pitt St Sydney, NSW


Fitness First is a gym renowned for its spacious, air-conditioned clubs that are fully equipped so the members have access to the newest and most innovative equipment around.  Masson For Light were commissioned by Baldasso Cortese Architects, to provide a stylish yet economical energy saving solution within a limited time constraint. Virtually each product utilized in the space was modified, specially imported or custom made products to suit the criterion required such as modifying the standard Masson For light 1601i Fluoro with Dali dimming control.


  • 1601i Fluoro standard suspended & surface mount
  • Verti Slim 2 x 2W up/down
  • 8370 Tullyspot LED
  • 3 Circuit Track
  • 1601i special with Dali dimming suspended & surface mount
  • Mondo Blok Custom Pendants MBUSUS16-5 with 1000 lumen LED
  • Mondo Blok Custom Pendants MONGU10-2
  • Special surface mount Mondo Blok with 1000 lumen LED