Store Support Office


Melbourne, VIC


Masson For Light partnered with Foolscap Studio to create modular task lighting fixtures for the workstation areas of a new office fit-out. The integration of these fixtures emphasises functionality and illumination, enhancing productivity and providing flexibility for individuals across the office.   We played a pivotal role in translating the concept design brief into a tangible product. Based on the Broadcast pendant, the modular light fixture was customised to align with the project's specific requirements, including colour, length, and mounting style variations. These fixtures seamlessly integrated into the overall design of the flexible workspace, adding a personalised touch to each fabricated structure. The adaptability of our design concept allowed for different versions to be implemented in various zones within the project.

Additionally, our fixtures were custom-made at the Mason for Light Melbourne Factory, showcasing a commitment to precision and attention to detail in the manufacturing process. This underscores our local and tailored approach to meeting client needs.

Architects: Foolscap Studio

Photography: Jack Lovell