Own World


Collingwood, VIC


Masson For Light was specified by CoLab Studios to supply lighting for this exciting new project. Masson consultants completed calculations, lighting design and offered lighting solutions for the new Own World showroom in Stanley Street, Collingwood. The lighting supports various functional zones for product display, work space and common areas. Track Spot lights with high colour rendering and narrow beam angles for accent lighting were used to give strong illumination on the product surface, offering depth and contrast to the space on three circuit track. Custom luminaire design was required for meeting spaces and work zones with Australian made downlights along with cove lighting for general illumination to provide a more intimate space. The project achieved a specific connected load of 12.42 W/m² and an average overall general illuminance of 770 lux was achieved throughout the project increasing to 1500 lux in the product display area to offer a very creditable final result. Our product list below offers the recipe on how we achieved the results presented in the images.